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Willie Wagtail

I heard this little bird before I saw it. This Willie Wagtail was hiding in some bushes next to where I was walking, chattering away like crazy. I stopped for a while, knowing that these birds are often inquisitive and will come close if you stand still. After a couple of minutes she came out into the sunshine and started to dance.

Exposure: ISO 400,
 1/640 sec @
Photo Type:
Colours:  ,

14-bit RAW file, converted in Capture One Pro 12.1 and finished in Affinity Photo.

Due to the harsh lighting conditions I reduced the highlights in this photo quite a bit to bring back details in the white areas. I also increased the shadow areas slightly to bring out the feather detail on the bird’s back. Contrast was reduced and saturation was increased to counter the strong sunlight conditions that this photo was taken in. Finally, I added a little Structure to the bird to bring out the feather details.

Once completed I exported the file as a TIFF to Affinity Photo in order to remove some distracting highlight spots in the grass.