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Welcome Swallow Feeding Time

I had only arrived in Tasmania a few hours before I took this shot. After getting off the Spirit of Tasmania I found a picnic area beside a creek to have some lunch. I noticed some Welcome Swallows flying around so I took the camera out of the bag. As I approached closer I could see that this female swallow was busily catching insects to feed her young. It was a fascinating sight that I am so glad to have witnessed – I ended up watching these birds for a good hour before I had to set off on my Tasmanian adventure.

Exposure: ISO 1250,
 1/250 sec @
Other Equipment: ,
Photo Type: ,
Location:  ,
Colours:  ,
Action:  , ,
Age & Gender:  ,

14-bit RAW file converted in Capture One Pro and finished in Affinity Photo

I increased the exposure slightly in Capture One and darkened the background slightly to draw more attention to the birds. A slight saturation boost on the birds and a decrease in saturation on the background also helped with this.

Finally I exported the photo as a 16-bit TIFF file to Affinity Photo where I did quite a bit of work to blur the background. The original background was quite ‘busy’ as the birds were not very far in front of it. I used the ‘smudge’ tool in Affinity Photo to make the background less detailed.