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Melbourne Skyline

The Melbourne City skyline as seen from a random pier in Williamstown.

I saw this photo as I was walking along the waterfront in Williamstown. Most of the city views are obscured by hundreds of sailboat masts, but I saw an angle from the end of a pier that had an almost clear view of the city. You can see by the white-caps on the waves that this was taken on a cold and windy day. The clouds and contrast in the scene lead well to a black and white image.

Exposure: ISO 125,
 1/640 sec @
Objects:  , ,

Initially captured in 14-bit lossless compressed RAW, converted by Capture One Pro 12.1 and finished in Affinity Photo.

After cropping to a 2:1 ratio, the black and white conversion was done in Capture One Pro directly from the RAW file. Adjustments to the Black and White mix include increasing the reds, greens and magenta while decreasing the blue, cyan and yellows. This gives a dramatic look to the sky and balances out the overall mix. The overall contrast has also been boosted a little.

The file was then sent to Affinity Photo as a TIFF where I cloned out some boat fragments from the edges of the picture.