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Common Wombat

We had just pulled over to the side of the road after seeing a Wombat at the base of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. After a while we noticed there there were actually a field full of Wombats munching on grass. The light was a beautiful golden colour so we had to snap a few shots. While we were there we were joined by around 4 other photographers who were also enthralled at the serene sight.

The Wombats had no care that we were there. They were more than happy to munch quietly on the large tufts of grass, looking up occasionally to make sure that we offered no threat (or maybe checking to see if we had anything better that they could eat ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Exposure: ISO 1250,
 1/500 sec @
Photo Type:

Captured in 14-bit RAW and processed in Capture One Pro 12.1. Finished in Affinity Photo.

The RAW file had some minor exposure, contract and saturation adjustments. The shadows were also increased slightly and the highlights tamed. Once complete the file was exported as a TIFF file to Affinity Photo where a few minor distracting pieces of grass were removed.