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Australian Pelican

I came across this bird by chance. I was crossing a bridge when some movement caught my eye. The pelican was quite deep in the shadows, but his wet feathers caught the light in an interesting way. It didn’t seem to care as I approached quite closely and it continued to preen itself. I took a quick snap and continued on my way.

Exposure: ISO 4000,
 1/500 sec @
Photo Type: ,
Colours:  ,

Software Used:

14-bit RAW file converted in Capture One Pro 12 into a TIFF file and finished in Affinity Photo.

First I increased the exposure of the photo by about half a stop, then spent some time darkening the background to help the bird stand out. I also increased the saturation of the yellows on the bird slightly to bring out the colours in its neck.

Finally I exported the photo into Affinity Photo and cloned out some small distracting twigs in the background.