For most photographers, Affinity Photo is a great alternative to  Photoshop CC. It has a much lower overall price at AU$79.99 and no ongoing subscription fees and will do everything that any photographer could want with a pixel editor. I have completely switched my workflow from using Adobe’s software to using Affinity Photo.

There is one very fundamental difference when moving to Affinity Photo however that may confuse many new users:

You can only Save As an Affinity Photo File

Normally when you create a document in Photoshop (or most other software packages) you will save your work in a compatible format of your choice. The save as dialogue box from Photoshop can be seen below:

Plenty of options. Now compare that to the Save As dialogue box from Affinity Photo:

As you can see, the only option you have is to save in the .afphoto document format.

How to Save As a tiff or other file

You can’t upload an .afphoto document to your website to display, or send it to your local photo lab for them to print – so how do you get the photo from inside Affinity Photo to the outside world?

Instead of choosing ‘Save As…’ from the file menu, simply choose the ‘Export…’ option as seen below:


This will give you all the options you could ever likely want for saving the photo into the file type of your choosing.

Why The Difference?

So why have Affinity Photo chosen to do things this way? Well when you save an Affinity Photo .afphoto file – all of the editing steps, layers, masks, etc are saved along with the file so you can . The saved file acts as your ‘master’ file that you then come back to and edit or revert as you see fit. From the master file you then choose to export copies as you need them.

I actually prefer this approach. It does mean that you have an extra file saved to your hard drive – but it gives the freedom to come back to the file later and make changes more easily. It also helps stop you from accidentally resizing or changing a file and accidentally saving over the original.

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